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Discover the power of advanced industrial technologies through WDF Services. Our extensive portfolio is designed to streamline and enhance your manufacturing processes, featuring precision equipment from top industry leaders.

Precision 3D scanning by Zeiss with an industrial robotic arm measuring a blue component
Committed to innovation and quality, WDF Services equips your business with the tools necessary to lead in a competitive market. Enhance your manufacturing prowess with our tailored solutions that push the boundaries of industria​l productivity.

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Mighty Viper

In any sector, Mighty Viper CNC machines enhance your capacity to produce precision parts with clean, sharp cuts. We offer an extensive range of CNC solutions tailored to fit your specific needs:

  • Super-size Industrial Machining
  • Composite Materials Processing
  • Bridge and C-Frame Mills
  • 5-Axis Mills
  • Horizontal Boring Mills
  • Vertical and Horizontal Turning Centers

Leverage Mighty Viper’s industry-leading technology to elevate your manufacturing processes.


Machining Projects 

      Our machines are on the job 24/7 filling the needs of machine shops and manufacturers from large scale structures to small components.

  • Aerospace and Defense.
  • Energy and Oil field.
  • Automotive and Large Electronics.
  • Medical and small electronics.
  • Robotic Automation.


Elevate your production capabilities with Qiaosen mainly products 10 tons to 2000 tons press machine with 8 series, have more than 100 types, like single crank, double crank, c frame, h frame and all kinds of press machines.

Our comprehensive range of products includes:

  • Press machines.
  • Punching machines.
  • Folding machines.
  • Cutting machines.
  • Uncoiler and Decoiler.
  • NC Servo feeder.

Precision laser cutting technology by FOOKE in an industrial setting, showcasing high-performance machinery


Unlock new levels of productivity with FOOKE GmbH, where elite German engineering meets your manufacturing needs. Our advanced milling and friction stir welding technologies ensure high performance and enhanced precision. Our offerings include:

  • High-Performance Milling Machinery
  • Friction Stir Welding Systems
  • Customized Machining Solutions
  • Precision Engineering Services

Partner with FOOKE to transform your production capabilities and achieve new efficiencies.

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