Optimize your operations with our Engineered Shelter Model


WDF streamlines your journey into Mexico’s manufacturing landscape, offering tailored, flexible, and scalable solutions. ​ 

With over 15 years of experience, we’ve crafted and managed successful business models for international companies seeking growth in Mexico.

Map of North America highlighting WDF’s impact on facilitating manufacturing in Mexico with strategic locations marked


Adaptive Approach to Business Growth and Expansion

At WDF, we navigate the complexities of business expansion with agility. Our step-by-step, modular approach tailors to your needs, avoiding rigid long-term contracts that might impede profitability. ​

Infographic outlining WDF’s phased approach to business expansion, including personalized engineering, site selection, cost-effective pricing, and commercial strategy for added value.

Providing product focused innovation.

WDF streamlines your manufacturing setup in Mexico with a comprehensive shelter solution. Our validated methodology, grounded in strategic partnerships, navigates the complexities of permits and legal compliance, freeing you to concentrate on production, engineering, and quality excellence.

Primary Axes 


Icon of a warehouse symbolizing WDF’s Standard Shelter services providing administrative, tax, and legal compliance for business development in Mexico.

Standard Shelter

  Navigate administrative, tax, and legal compliance seamlessly with WDF's Standard Shelter services, designed to simplify business establishment in Mexico.  


Icon of a gear and microscope representing WDF’s Product Focus services for structuring R&D, engineering, and process optimization in manufacturing.

Product Focus

  Leverage our Product Focus expertise to enhance R&D, engineering, and operations, ensuring streamlined supply chains and process optimization.


Icon of a globe and delivery truck depicting WDF’s Sales and Delivery services for developing strategic distribution channels with business intelligence.

Sales and Deliver

Deploy Business Intelligence with WDF's Sales and Delivery strategies to create and manage effective distribution channels.

A group of professionals receives a demonstration of robotic manufacturing technology at WDF's ISO-certified operation facility.

Certified Operations Network ​

Harness WDF's manufacturing expertise and ISO-certified infrastructure. We collaborate with a network of accredited suppliers and industry experts, ensuring each operational development aligns with stringent ISO standards for quality, efficiency, and technological advancement.

Our Customers

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