Increase quality and production while obtaining profitability

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At WDF, we excel in large-scale and low-cost production across Mexico, providing tailored On-Demand Manufacturing solutions that increase profitability. Our advanced CNC and laser technology ensures precision and quality, empowering your business to thrive in competitive markets.

We have what is necessary and we are prepared and equipped to host companies in the industries:

​   Some of our most manufacturing technologies experience:

CNC Machining


Additive Composities + Metal

Metrology LAB/CAD/CAM

Design and engineering

3D Scanners

  Benefits of setting up our Ondemand Manufacturing model:

  • Availability of high-skilled and specialized workforce

  • Access to low-cost labor to service

  • Minimize risk and lability

  • Compliance in Mexico and Tax protection 

  • Extensive transportation network that includes rail, truck, and air with proximity to the United States.

  • Management of procedures and permits

  • Import and Export


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Starts operations in Mexico, 
reducing risks, costs and obtaining profitability

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